Easy and quick installation:

I was very excited to get wallpaper done in my room and I was amazed to see the various options to suit the classy, yet simple taste of my husband and mine. Once we placed the order, we had someone come in and very professionally install the wallpaper for us. Now our room looks vibrant and classy, thanks to My Great Walls.

Tehjaswi Dongre

Tehjaswi DongreHyderabad

My great wall indeed!!

I can’t stop admiring how lovely the wall in my living room looks. It has become the center of attraction for all the guests that come into my home. I look forward to getting my other rooms done with wallpapers as well. Goodbye paint, Hello wallpaper!!

Jyothi Chauhan

Jyothi ChauhanBangalore

Can’t be more satisfied with the wallpaper

I was initially reluctant about moving from paints to wallpaper for my newly built home. But after a lot of research and having an informative talk with the customer care team, who were patient enough to meet with me in their showroom and have someone come and check my walls to see if they were apt for the wallpaper, I was thoroughly convinced. Now my new home will look new and refreshed forever.

Rishabh Ramchander

Rishabh RamchanderHyderabad

Quality of wallpaper is the best!!

I just received and had the wallpaper installed by your team, yesterday. I must say, more than anything, I am just thrilled and blown away by how fantastic the quality of the wallpaper is. Looks like I wont have to worry about my walls for the next 10 years at least.

Vikrant Singh

Vikrant SinghChennai