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Partnering with My Great Walls is truly a matter of great professional advantage to you.

Working closely with professionals and end customers for nearly half a decade, My Great Walls realises, that there exists a gap between the professionals getting the right client and the client realising the worth of interior design by the professionals. In the process, the professionals may not be getting sufficient accounts to their potential and the clients may not be able to get connected to the professionals for a successful sign up. Many clients feel that getting to know the professionals through the commercial database providers and search engines is more of a gamble than a satisfying deal.

My Great Walls is embarking on providing the potential business leads for the professionals to cash-in on. In order to have this done, My Great Walls is offering “One Hour of Obligation Free and Cost Free Consultation with Validated Professionals” to the potential clients, who inquire for professional interior design service. This consultation with professionals, can be for any requirement of the client, as far as the architecture or interior designing is concerned. My Great Walls is aggressively propagating the offer of “Obligation Free and Cost Free Consultation with Professionals” through their website and other social media. This facilitates the end customers to get the taste of professionals talent and value for their money.

Most people are of the perception, that the professionals are expensive and they out of their reach. In the process, they resort to avail expensive services from cheap interior contractors for total designing and execution on turn-key basis, without having the professionals involved in it. We learn from many of our customers, that they feel cheated or hard earned money has gone down the drain or cost has gone way beyond their budget.

It is needless to say, for most people, making a house is their first experience. Especially, the interiors of their new home is a realisation of their long cherished dream. Therefore, they need to know the talent of professionals, latest trends and the value for their money. This can only happen through a discussion in mutual interest. Here comes, My Great Walls to make this successful meeting happening through their co-ordination between professionals and the prospective clients.

My Great Walls has set up a team to generate leads through, various strategies. Team at My Great Walls takes each inquiry through their internal validation system and qualify the inquiry to a potential lead and passes it on to the professionals to take it forward. In this way, My Great Walls acts as a catalyst between professionals and the clients. Thereby, ensuring the professionals get the right client, who is professionally validated by our team and the client gets the right kind of professional to their requirement.

In order to give the feel of confidence and sense of freedom to the prospective clients, besides an opportunity for the professionals to gain the account, it is recommended, that the professionals give one hour of their “Obligation and Cost Free” Consultation to the prospective clients.

It is no doubt, that one hour of professional consultation is an opportunity for both parties to seek win in the game.

Professional Association

You are an architect, interior designer or a decorator, looking for obligation and cost free professional association with us? Please fill up the form. Our team will get in touch with you.

This unique service is being offered by My Great Walls to professionals and to end clients, is absolutely at “Free Of Cost”.

Yes. It is unbelievable! But true.

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Professional Empanelment

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