MID 19192130WMID 19192130W
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Living Room
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Kids Room
Please note: Labor charges for standard installation is Rs.450.00 per roll and subject to a minimum of charges Rs.500.00. The cost of roll of wallpaper is inclusive of all taxes, shipping, local delivery charges and imported adhesive. This is applicable for the Hyderabad city limits. Please call the customer care @ +91-9100606162 between 10:30 a.m to 7.30 p.m  for installation help and cost for installation out side of Hyderabad city.

Standard installation: Installation on the dry wall up to a maximum height of 10 feet.

Extraordinary installation: Costs for installation on ceilings, other surfaces and heights are to be negotiated with the installation contractor.


CALL FOR PRICE +91-9100606162 / 9849019265
Design : MID 19192130W Warranty : 1 year
Roll Size : 58 Sq Ft Manufacturer : Casadeco
Design Description : Ornamental Country : Belgium

TECHNICAL FEATURES : Fire Retardant, Washable, Colour fast, Scratch Resistant, Energy Saving and Thermal Insulating, One Year Warranty

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Roll of 57 - 58 Sft covers upto 50 Sft after providing for wastage. Plain ones may cover upto 55 Sft