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Please note: Labor charges for standard installation is Rs.500.00 per roll and subject to a minimum of charges Rs.600.00. The minimum charge is in the case of a single roll installation. The cost of a roll of wallpaper is exclusive of GST@18% and installation and delivery charges in Hyderabad city limits. The customers from outside of Hyderabad city may call the customer care @ +91-9100606162 between 11:00 a.m to 7.00 p.m  for information on installation, cost of installation, delivery charges, etc.

Standard installation: Installation on the drywall up to a maximum of 10 feet in height.

Extraordinary installation: Costs for installation of wallpaper on ceilings, other surfaces and heights are to be negotiated with the installation contractor.


CALL FOR PRICE +91-9100606162 / 9849019265
Design : BA220061 Warranty : 1 year
Roll Size : 58 Manufacturer :
Design Description : Grey, Silver Country :

TECHNICAL FEATURES : Fire Retardant, Washable, Colour fast, Scratch Resistant, Energy Saving and Thermal Insulating, One Year Warranty.



Roll of 57 - 58 Sft covers upto 50 Sft after providing for wastage. Plain ones may cover upto 55 Sft

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