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My great walls is offering opportunity to young and agile people to parter with them as Free lancers with a very small capital, which is as low as Rs.12,000.00 – 15,000.00. This is unique in the business of interior decoration business. Which otherwise, involves huge capital, experience and of course huge risks. My Great Walls sources Worlds Finest & Original Wallpapers TM from the world renowned brands in Europe and USA. They are made available to you, without you having to invest in stocks/inventory. My Great Walls has a beautiful gallery in the heart of the Hyderabad city.

What is in it for you? Once you are a free lancer with My Great Walls, you are allowed to use the gallery as yours and bring your prospective customers to the gallery, where your prospective customers can select from over 10,000 designs and colours from the Worlds Finest and Original Wallpapers TM.

My Great Walls gives you intensive training in lead generation, technical know how, selling and business management. Which enables you to start your business from the day one. Besides, My great Walls has a team to generate potential leads for you to generate sales. The support to you receive from Great Walls is matchless. Which is right from sourcing the Worlds Finest and Original Wallpapers TM to successful installation on your customer’s walls. Believe, a satisfied customer grows your business.

The management of My Great Walls with their business intelligence and management expertise, made the proposal simple, safe and lucrative. You can start your business with a small capital of Rs.12,000.00 – 15,000.00. It is hard to believe the proposal. But true. Please visit to our well equipped and centrally located gallery for believing it.
Home interiors industry both in metro and rural is a growing in leaps and bounds. However, due to lack of knowledge and technique, the young and educated, do not know how to explore the potential and earn excellent income. Besides, making it a life time career. The potential is huge in the sectors of new homes, offices and renovation of the existing houses. It is a sunrise industry with huge opportunity with zero risks. It is surely possible to earn between Rs.25000 to Rs.50,000 per month with a small investment of Rs.12,000.00 to Rs.15000.00 as investment on samples, those will be supplied to you at the subsidised price. Lead generation, database management, technical know how are a part of the training.

Please do not mistake this proposal as multi level marketing (MLM). The proposal is to make you an entrepreneur in the home interior industry for a life time. This opportunity gives enough freedom, handsome income, pride and prestige. The best suggestion is, that you call on us and obtain an appointment for a discussion. The fact remains, that a lot of people loose out on wonderful opportunities, due to lack of credible information. So, you don’t be one of them. We aware of the fact, that lots of MBAs and B.Techs with years of study, hard work and cost, come to big towns to take up dream jobs. Unfortunately, end up doing unrelated job for a small salary. As a result, they remain highly dissatisfied with hand to mouth income, huge compromise on life quality and with a bleak future. It is an ideal opportunity for those, looking for a lucrative an stable career ahead. Therefore, it is the right time to enter and establish your business successfully in your home town or some other place. This risk free business will take care of you for the rest of your life. Call us for an appointment to meet us today.