Perhaps, My Great Walls is the only store in town, sells world’s Finest and Original Wallpapers . The wallpapers from the original manufacturers are tested in laboratories and certified for use in indoors, as they do not content any toxic material, that can cause harm to humans. Therefore, they are absolutely safe.

The straight forward answer is ‘No’. The fact is, nothing stays permanently on damp or leaking walls. So, it is essential to arrest the leakage and prepare the wall finished with materials like Birla putty etc, before installing the wallpaper. As a matter fact, wallpaper is not meant for covering the ugly spot on the wall. But to give exclusivity and rich look & feel to your walls. World’s Finest and Original wallpapers from My Great Walls are feast to eyes. They are available in the various categories, those make it easy to get your choice of design. This is an unique feature in www.mygreatwalls.com.

Unfortunately, there is no definite answer to this question. However, many use heavily embossed wallpaper to cover the undulation in their wall. Fortunately, they got, what they wanted.

World’s Finest and Original Wallpapers from My Great Walls are 100% washable/wet spongeable. Use soft cleaning material like shampoo or soft liquid soaps etc for wipe cleaning with sponge. Avoid using harsh detergents. Please do not rub against the seams and joints. Instead, run along with the seams and joints.

The best answer is No. Ideally, wallpaper to be installed on smooth and crack-free surfaces, Please note. World’s Finest and Original Wallpapers from My Great Walls add plenty of beauty and grace to your walls. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you to have your walls finished with putty with a coat of cement primer before installation of wallpaper to achieve the best results.

My Great Walls is offering unique features like a calculator, cost estimator and View on wall in different situations in their website. Just put in the height and width of your wall in feet format in the respective boxes and click on ‘calculate in rolls’ button and ‘Add to Cart’ for cost estimation. This helps you to estimate the quantity and cost of your desired wallpaper at the comfort of your home/office. It also has the feature for placing order online and paying by credit or debit card.

World’s Finest and Original Wallpapers available in the form of rolls. They measure between 57 to 58 square feet per roll. However, it is suggested to keep an average of 50 square feet of coverage in mind, while ordering the wallpaper rolls. While, the plain and texture types may cover upto 55 square feet per roll . Nevertheless, there are some special wallpapers available in minimum of one square meter. These are used for highlighting a particular spot or a surface. Call the customer care for more information.

The World’s Finest and Original Wallpapers from My Great Walls last between 12 to 15 years on your walls with good care. Nevertheless, My Great Walls give you one year warranty on installation work.

It is a matter of personal choice or your interior designer’s decision and recommendation. Nevertheless, it is essential to highlight the most important or prominent wall of the four walls. The side wall to the important/prominent wall may be covered with plain or lined or striped design wallpaper to give supportive/complimentary look to the main wall for enhancing its importance. In some cases, ceilings need to be covered with wallpaper of suitable designs to give gorgeous look to the room.

Suggestive selling begins with understanding your requirement, studying your design plan and final outcome etc. We can save your huge money by suggesting the right kinds and alternatives. This results in busting the myth of wallpapers are too expensive. This is with no compromise on the World’s Finest and Original Wallpapers.

Important Tip: Wallpapers are luxury products. They enhance the look and feel of your home to a much higher level. World’s Finest and Original Wallpapers from My Great Walls last upto 15 years with good care. The wallpaper is luxurious, durable, spells your taste, class and life style. Always, buy your wallpaper from a reliable supplier. Who not only supplies the World’s Finest and Original wallpapersTM. But also, offers the professional installation service. In most cases, wallpaper purchase is a onetime affair. So, please choose the supplier carefully.